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  • A free sample application guidelines
  • 1、check our website the product and determined that you need a free sample models. Related Help: How resettable fuse selection?
    2、Fill in the application form submitted sample, please carefully and accurately fill out the following application information free samples so as soon as possible and promptly put on our audit sample sent to you.
    3、our company will submit an application in your working days after an audit and confirmation.
    4、After the success of the day in the confirmation or the second working day before 16:00 send samples to you by courier.

    1、he number of free samples up to 3 models for each sample, each no more than five.
    2、If you need further assistance please consult the online customer service, or call our hotline:400-0503-668
  • Submission *Denotes required
    • Request Sample
    • Note:If the online submission is not successful, can download the form《Request Sample Table》(Please right click "save target as" to download to a local),The completed application form by e-mail sent to:inquiry@wondhope.com